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North Queensland
Veteran event

28 April - 30 April 2023

Burdekin Enduro Race and Veteran program
Limited places for our veteran wellness program conducted immediately before a championship race, come and get in a competing race car to experience our "Adrenaline Therapy" program.
- Free Entry

Remote Locality Wellness

Look out for our Wellness Track days at Burdekin, Gladstone and Bowen in 2023.

Workshop Days

Held every Wednesday with fully qualified ex military instructors, you'll be working on a range of race cars and learning new skills.

Adrenaline Therapy

Raemus Park on 11 / 12 March 23

We're Back.
After a very wet 2022, we finally had a brilliant return onto our own track. Thanks to Tony Dalton and Richard Tassin for helping out the veterans really experienced "Adrenaline Therapy".

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